Promag 300 SPRAY 50ml (DP)


Promag 300 Spray 50ml
Promag 300 SPRAY 50ml (DP)


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Introducing our PROMAG 300 SPRAY.

Unlike the other Magnesium sprays in the market, our spray is the only Magnesium Hydroxide. All the rest are Magnesium Chloride.

That is why PROMAG 300 SPRAY is the only one that is not itchy, painful, hot, and sticky on the skin.

You cannot beat the first and the original!!!


  • Promotes better sleep
  • Reduces muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms
  • Provides healthy skin and reduces outbreaks of eczema
  • Helps in relaxation and stress management
  • Increases energy levels and improve moods
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps in dealing with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and chronic illnesses
  • Helps regulate blood pressure

* Good for 10 to 15 days. 



Introducing our PROMAG 300 SPRAY.

Unlike the other Magnesium sprays in the market, our spray is the only Magnesium Hydroxide. All the rest are Magnesium Chloride.

That is why PROMAG 300 SPRAY is the only one that is not itchy, painful, hot, and sticky on the skin.

You cannot beat the first and the original!!!


Promag 300 Products




PROMAG 300 is unique and highly effective formula that is designed to supplement our body with magnesium through our skin, or transdermally, to solve the problem of magnesium deficiency in a very effective manner. Study has it that magnesium is responsible for more than 300 BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS in our body.

PROMAG300 is magnesium hydroxide that has undergone calcination process for human use using nano active technology.

PROMAG300 is one of the safest, fastest, cheapest, fun and exciting way to supplement your body with magnesium transdermally.

PROMAG300 can be used as foot bath, facial mask, deodorant, hot bath, body massage, sponge bath, Oral Care, Hair Care, can be applied on open wound or on any skin problems directly, can also on pet as Pet Bath(specially when your pet has skin or health problem).

PROMAG300 is non-invasive and safe if swallowed.

PROMAG300 is the cure to the biggest epidemic (Magnesium Deficiency) in history. It is the best medium to supplement our body with magnesium.

PROMAG300 is all-natural with no chemical additives and artificial preservatives making it safer than other products that serve the same purpose. This helps prevent various diseases as well as mental problems including hypertension, diabetes, migraine/headache among many others. The high-quality supplement is packed in a portable well-labeled air-tight container that further preserves its quality.



This formula is the safest alternative means of increasing intake. It is the mineral that is responsible for the maintenance of cell life. Additionally, this useful mineral is one is one of the most common co-factors in our system. Its presence is crucial to the production of proteins, antioxidants and enzymes, glucose plus fat breakdown, regulation of cholesterol production, and the creation of DNA and RNA. Besides, magnesium is a required ingredient of the energy production process that occurs inside our cells. This helps promote cell reproduction, muscle fiber contraction, protein synthesis, plus the transport of substances across the cell barrier. With these and many other functions, this brand helps treat diabetes, promote better relaxation and stress management, reduce muscle aches, cramping, pains and spasm, regulate high blood pressure, increase energy levels, as well as improve moods. Besides, this formula helps promote a healthy skin and even reduce the outbreaks of psoriasis plus eczema. It also clears congestion, increases athletic performance among many other health benefits.


Its primary ingredient is Magnesium Oxide.



PROMAG300 is the most efficient alternative means of obtaining magnesium. As such, it helps prevent various health problems promoting an overall healthy life. Despite its high quality, it’s readily available in various reputable retail outlets around the Philippines at a pocket-friendly price. As such, it gives its users value for their money. Besides, it’s easy to use and works within a short period.


PROMAG300 is a natural magnesium supplementation product that works efficiently and effectively within a short period of time. It is formulated after a long period of extensive research, and made using 100% natural ingredients and have been clinically tested and proven. It is safe and easy to use and helps promote overall healthy body. It offers the right amount of magnesium  that is required by our body.

PROMAG300 can easily be absorbed by our bloodstream and utilized by our body.



PROMAG300 is formulated to be taken or used by anyone. It is natural and free of animal products.

PROMAG300 is suited for use by vegetarians. Children and expectant mothers should, however, seek the doctor’s advice before using the formula.



PROMAG300 is made and formulated using 100% natural ingredients and have been clinically tested and proven 100% risk-free. Additionally, it contains no artificial preservatives or toxic chemical additives. As such, it’s safe, and its use does not result in adverse side effects. This has helped many people around the world live a healthful life with no complaints regarding harmful side effects.



PROMAG300 is a revolutionary magnesium supplementation formula that is unique and amazingly effective. It helps prevent various health problems and promotes a healthy life. Additionally, it is safe, efficient, and easy to use. Promag 300 Transdermal Magnesium using Nano-Active Technology is strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

Benefits of Magnesium (PROMAG300) 

- 100% - Promotes better sleep100%

- Helps in relaxation and stress management 100%

- Increases energy levels and improve moods100%

- Helps in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, arthritis and chronic illnesses

Fully Supports:

- Blood Sugar Balance

- Optimal Circulation & Blood Pressure

- Cellular Energy production- A Calm Nervous System

- Pain Relief & Relaxed Muscles- Bone Density & Calcium Balance

- Joints & Ligament Flexibility- Deep Sleep Patterns, and More...


Magnesium has a far-reaching impact on our system. It is the 2nd most abundant element inside human cells and one of essential minerals required for a healthy life. Efforts must, therefore, be made to ensure an adequate supply of this vital nutrient. Promag 300 Transdermal Magnesium by Nano Technology offers the best alternative source. It’s safe, efficient, natural, also works within a short period to enhance a healthy life. It’s a must-try product for an active, happier, healthier life. Its use is, therefore, strongly recommended.


For the prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency, especially during stressful time, illness, convalescence, post-trauma and post-operative.


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